Second Draft … Complete! (Hooray!)

After much toil (work started somewhere around October last year, interrupted for months at a time by school) and a half-finished edit (I edited most of my novel, completely changed the story and began a drastic rewrite – I called this my 1.5th draft) I’m proud to announce the second (or technically third) draft of The Aeon Academy is complete! Whew!

As it stands, the second draft is almost exactly 87 000 words long, comprising of 191 pages. In my A5 mock-up version, that works out to be 381 pages. It’s not actually that far off my expectations (I guessed at 85 000 about five to six weeks ago) but it did balloon outward as I added scenes I realised were vitally important.

I’ll be putting my novel to one side for now and focussing on some other things. It may be a few months before I can get into serious editing, which will probably be a good thing. Hopefully, I’ll be less attached to the thousands of words I’ve poured out over the last year, which will need to be cut down to size with a ruthless scalpel.

On a different note, thanks for the four-thousand-plus views. It’ll be some time before my novel is ready to be sent to prospective publishers, but I appreciate your long-standing support nonetheless. Thanks a heap!

Has anyone else finished an edit of their story? What was the hardest thing about completing your second, third or tenth draft? I’d love to hear any thoughts or tips on editing.


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