Choice: its Importance in Writing


I’ve begun to realise how important choice is in writing. Choices let characters showcase their personalities and effect the plot. The effect of a character’s choices reveals the true importance of that character.

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Free Writing App

I was lucky enough to recently stumble across Hemingway Editor, a free online writing app:

The program highlights adverbs, instances of passive voice and long-winded, hard-to-read sentences. I’ve always tried to keep my writing as clear and concise as possible – and I’m no fan of adverbs either – so I’ll be using this as I edit the third draft of my novel. Let me know if you’ve used it before in the comments below !


The Half-Blood Prince Guide to Question Arcs

Yesterday I announced one of my writing articles would soon be appearing on the Better Novel Project. Today, it’s been published on the site! Check it out here. Here’s a short excerpt:


A question arc in your novel can help build suspense:

Suspense: a state or condition of mental uncertainty or excitement, as in awaiting a decision or outcome, accompanied by apprehension or anxiety.

The desire to know the answers to riddles or mysteries will keep many readers hooked.  Let’s look at how a question arc captivates readers in Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince. 

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Choosing your Tense and Point-of-View

The point-of-view of your story and the tense it’s written in has a huge impact on the structure of your novel and feel of narration. Done well, your POV and tense will work seamlessly together to create an engaging tale and believable characters. Done poorly, the reader can be left feeling disjunct from what’s happening. This article is a (very) short introduction to the main POV’s and tenses, as well as tips for using them.

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Need An Idea For A Superhero’s Powers? These Sites Can Help!

A while ago I posted about two sites to help take some of the creative load off your shoulders. Today, I thought I’d give the links to a few more similar sites, except this time narrow it down to one particular topic. Superhero powers! If you need some ideas to get your creative juices flowing, these sites might help.

1. –

An easy to use system that involves 100% random generation. No need to fill out a form!

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Two Awesome Sites to Boost your Creativity

I often use a multitude of websites to give me inspiration. Here’s some of the ones that I frequently visit.

Donjon –

If you need a highly detailed, realistic map for your fantasy world, then look no further! Donjon offers simple option boxes that let you tinker to your heart’s content.

So easy, even a seal can use it! (Maybe.)

So easy, even a seal can use it! (Maybe.)

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