The Aeon Academy

Wayne Holtan is just another unwanted orphan in a backwater city, until a fight with a bully spirals out of control. When he gets out of hospital, he’s shocked to find out he’s a Neohuman – a person with superhuman abilities – and is offered a place at a school for people just like him.

When a group of thieves pull of a series of daring heists, it’s up to Wayne and his new friends to stop them before they destroy a medical group that exists to save lives. But with the police failing to capture the elusive thieves, can Wayne and his team do any better?

Well, thanks for getting this far! I’m currently working on the novel’s fourth draft. I have aspirations for it to be published and by visiting this site you’ve helped this dream. You can read the first three chapters of The Aeon Academy on this site by using the above menu.

If you want to keep up to date on the latest news surrounding my novel, feel free to follow this site.

If you’d like to contact me privately, please use this contact form.

10 thoughts on “Home

  1. The New home is interesting, I personally find that your name in red on a blue background kinda grates on me but the graphics and the title certainly work well, can you change the pale colouring around the website? I think you did to make it work as a colour scheme 🙂

    • ” I personally find that your name in red on a blue background kinda grates on me”

      Do you think I should change the colour? I just thought that red would stand out, considering that the background is a very light blue. Thanks for your feedback!

      “can you change the pale colouring around the website?”

      As far as I am aware, no :(. If I could thought, I probably wouldn’t, but, if you were me, what do you think you would do? Change it to another colour? I’d really appreciate your thoughts. thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, and visit this page!

  2. Thanks for the comment! Sorry that it took so long for your comment to appear; WordPress filtered it for some reason. Thanks for leaving a comment and having a look at my site! What do you think of my plot summary so far?

  3. Over 800 views! The week is ending with a bang :). Thanks to everyone that’s contributed to those views; you’ve made a real difference, and I really appreciate it!

  4. Well, the site just passed 1000 views yesterday! I’d also like to thank the incredible amount of followers (35) for signing up. Thanks for everyone who’s helped this site get that many views and attention; I really appreciate it. Thanks to you, this site is now the 5th one that comes up in response to the search term “the aeon academy.” Not to mention that it’s also first for “the aeon academy novel” … although there are less than a page of direct results for that :(.

    So, in short; thanks to everyone that’s had a look at my book through this site! I really appreciate it, and I hope it’ll give me a leg-up in the publishing stage. Thanks again!

  5. I couldn’t find a way to comment on your recent post, so I’m doing it here. I like your synopsis; it’s detailed, doesn’t indulge too much (get boring), and seems like a story worthy of writing and reading. As far as giving away too much, I’d say that’s up to your own judgement. Sometimes knowing the plot is knowing the story, sometimes there’s more to it; the Series of Unfortunate Events would be just as interesting even if I knew what was going to happen, just because Lemony Snicket’s prose was entertaining.

    Progress! 🙂

    • Thanks for having a look over it! I think I might try to reduce how much the blurb gives away, if I can, because right now it gives away some early details of the book. For instance, it says that he gets into the Guard, which is a bit of a spoiler because this event is a minor plot arc in the first third of the novel. I might try to cut out the whole bit about the Guard in the blurb …

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