First Draft – COMPLETE!

It’s Finished!

The first draft of the Aeon Academy, that is :).

Well, as you might have figured out by now, I’ve completed the first draft of the Aeon Academy. :)*1000*1000*1000.  As it is, it stands at 86 894 words, 186 A4 pages (with 1 point line spacing) and over 400 000 individual characters.

First Draft – Nearing Completion

Well, as the title suggests, I’m pretty close to finishing the first draft of my novel. I’m less than 10 000 words away. Once that’s done, anyone who’s signed up for the mailing list or is a follower of this site will receive an approximate five chapter package (more if you are on the mailing list and a follower) , randomly selected out of the novel. I’d appreciate it if you took the time to do a review/edit of it, and send it to my email address for me to include in the second draft. The clearer your notes, the easier it will be for me to include them.

If you don’t want to receive this package, let me know. Otherwise, I’ll assume that everyone who’s signed up for the mailing list or following would like to receive one. If you would like a certain section of the book to review (from chapters 5-40) please let me know. First in, best dressed.

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