What ‘Write What You Know’ Really Means

If you haven’t already checked out my new writing advice website, where I post weekly articles, please do! Here’s an article from it to wet your appetite.

Jed Herne: Writer

Like ‘Show, don’t tell’ (a hypocritically telling phrase in itself), the ‘Write What You Know’ mantra is often thrown around with no explanation.

So what does it mean? Does it mean you can only write about your own experiences? Does it mean your story should be an autobiography? Does it mean you can’t have a female narrator if you’re a male writer?

Nope. ‘Write What You Know’ isn’t about limitations. It’s not there to stop you writing cool stuff. It’s there to make your writing more realistic. Because ‘Write What You Know’ really means: ‘Write What You’ve Felt.’

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New Writing Advice Blog

Hey there!

I’ve created a new writing advice blog.  On it, I’ll post concise-ish and often snarky writing advice every week or every 7 days (whichever comes first). Your literary enjoyment may vary!

I’ve thought about doing this for quite some time. If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll have seen me dabbling in writing advice articles from time to time, and now I’ve decided that I’d like to make a habit of it. I’ll most likely be migrating the chapters of my novel to this new website.

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