Choosing your Tense and Point-of-View

The point-of-view of your story and the tense it’s written in has a huge impact on the structure of your novel and feel of narration. Done well, your POV and tense will work seamlessly together to create an engaging tale and believable characters. Done poorly, the reader can be left feeling disjunct from what’s happening. This article is a (very) short introduction to the main POV’s and tenses, as well as tips for using them.

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Updated Chapters

I’ve recently updated the sample chapters on this website to include some major changes. I’m basically rewriting the entire story, so while these first three chapters might seem quite similar to how they used to be, there are drastic changes down the line.

The biggest one is the setting. In the first draft, the Academy was set in a forest amongst mountains. Now, it’s set in the middle of a city. What about those mountains? Well, they’re now north-west of the city, and come in use later in the novel.

Also, I’ve cut a lot of characters, particularly from the Guard. R.I.P. Vito, Reva, Candace and Michele, who were all members – albeit highly undeveloped members – of the team in the first draft. They may be used in other books, though…

Anyway, those three new chapters are now up:

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Any feedback, thoughts, or queries would be much appreciated. Let me know what you think!

Oh, and Happy New Year to all!