Blog-Hopping Nomination

Xos Mel, a fellow blogger, recently nominated me for a blog-hopping nomination about my writing process, or lack thereof. Essentially, I’ve been given four questions about what I’m writing, how I write it and why I write it. Read on for the answers!

1) What am I writing/working on?

My main project at the moment is – as you’ll probably know if you’ve visited this website before – is a novel called The Aeon Academy. I won’t go into too much detail about what it’s about, as this entire website essentially revolves around it, but just in case this is the first thing you’ve had a look at on this site, I’ll give a brief explanation about it anyway. Wouldn’t want to lose the chance to plug my novel. 🙂

When Wayne, a young orphaned boy, is drawn into a deadly contest of wills with a fellow orphan, he expects a few bruises and maybe a cut or two. He doesn’t expect to die for twenty-three minutes, wake up in hospital and be told that he has powers by the headmaster of a mysterious school called the Aeon Academy. He certainly didn’t expect to cross the continent and earn a spot in the Guard, the silent superhuman protectors of Belpo City.

And he certainly didn’t expect that a shadowy international organisation would realise he had something they wanted and would stop at nothing to get it.

Now, that’s my main project, but like all writers I’m working on a lot of different things, each in differing states of progress. The two most fully-formed ideas are pretty different to my current novel each other, one being a fantasy/sci-fi about barriers between alternate dimensions breaking down and the other, while still being in the sci-fi genre, is about an all together different concept.

2) How does my work/writing differ from others in the genre?

I read a lot of different authors’ works and sometimes I find that certain styles of writing have a tendency to bubble up in my own work, generally after I’ve been reading nothing but their series for a month or the like.

Typically, however, I read multiple ‘books’ at once, for some weird reason. This is very useful in giving me an original style, especially since some of those books happen to be magazines, which have quite a varied style of writing in and of themselves.

In terms of my work differing from others in my genre, I do accept that there are a lot of books about people with supernatural abilities at boarding schools, but I feel that being a student myself gives a slightly different and (hopefully! 🙂 ) unique perspective in the novel.

Next question?

3) Why do I write what I do?

For fun.

As you might of noticed in my answer to the above question, I really, really enjoy reading. I think that writing’s just a natural extension of that.

Of course there’s the whole expression thing and that side as well, but I think the main reason I write is because I find it enjoyable. I mean, who would go to the lengths of writing an 80 000 word novel if they didn’t enjoy writing? 🙂

4) How does my writing process work?

Up until the start of the school year, my writing process was generally pretty consistent, able to produce around about 500 words a day. Not exactly fast, but it worked, and at least I was getting somewhere.

Then school arrived, and my novel took a bit of a back seat when it came to progress. In the last couple of months I haven’t really been able to put a whole lot of work into it, something I hope to rectify after mid-year exams are over and the holidays arrive.

When I do get the chance to write, I find that a distraction-free environment works the best. I write in a relatively soundproof, white-walled room with a view of the fence and a patch of sky in front of me, which helps to prevent me from being distracted. Sometimes I might listen to music, particularly if I’m writing an action scene, but most of the time I prefer to work in silence.

So, that’s the questions done. Now, for the next bit; I’m to nominate three other bloggers to answer the same questions and ask three other bloggers to do the same. A bit like dominoes, really, except with words. Not a whole lot like dominoes, then. Hmm.

Now, the way most bloggers do this is by picking three people out of their followers list, and sending them an email. That’s a perfectly valid way to do it, but I thought I’d do things a little differently. So, if you want to be one of the next three people in the blog-hopping nominations, read on.

6-word stories are, as the name subtly suggests, stories that are only six words long. Existing to annoy people that think it’s easier to write something short rather than a novel. 🙂

So, here’s the brief: write a six word story, post it as a comment below and you could be one of the three people to win the grand prize of being the next nominee in the blog-hopping promotions, which will hopefully increase your audience and give something back to the dedicated viewers of your website. Need inspiration? Check out Six Word Stories, a website dedicated to the genre. Good luck.

What will your six words say?

What will your six words say?


3 thoughts on “Blog-Hopping Nomination

  1. Clearly I can’t be nominated right after nominated you, but I shall accept your challenge never-the-less!

    I began biking home. I crashed.

    Great, isn’t it? I know, thank you.

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