First Three Chapters of My Novel + More …

Well, since I finished the first draft a few weeks ago, I’ve decided that I’ll release the first three chapters of my story on here. Now, if you’re a follower, I hear you saying:

“What??? I signed up for your amazingly spectacular mailing list so that I could read chapter two, and now you’re giving it out FOR FREE?”

As a follower/mailing list member, over the next few days you will receive a five-chapter package from a random section of the book. If you’re not to busy, I’d appreciate you looking over it and sending me some feedback and possibly an edited copy. As of now, I am assuming that everyone would like to do this. If you don’t want these chapters, feel free to contact me through the below private contact form. You can also use the below contact form to request a certain section of the book to review (choices range between chapters 1-40) and if you fill it out, regardless of being a follower or not, I’ll do the best to send you your selected chapters. First in … highest priority (you though I was going to say ‘best dressed’, didn’t you?:)).

Below are links to the three chapters I’ve released on this site:

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three


What do you think?

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